About Skin Care

About Skin Care

Why AB Silk Natural Skin Care Over All The Other Brands?

The difference between AB Silk natural skin care and the OTC "all natural organic skin care lines" ~ Arborne, Aubrey, Burt's Bees, Eminence, MyChelle, Zia... and the OTC "physician skin care lines" ~ Denese, Hauschka, Jurlique, Murad, Perricone... is that AB Silk
* does not add water, creating a much more potent or undiluted product which helps deliver optimum results
* adds a higher volume of cosmeceuticals, clinically proven to create stronger anti-aging results compared to just all natural organic ingredients
* does not add harsh synthetics like Benzoyl Peroxide or SLS which can irritate skin or even slow healing
* does not add chemical or paraben preservatives with potential hormone and DNA interference
* does not warehouse product, each product is hand blended fresh when you place your order

AB Silk natural skin care is our original skin care line for all skins. This natural product line does not contain water, which dilutes active ingredients, or synthetics, which do not nourish or tone the skin. Rather, organic/wild crafted ingredients have been selected to rejuvenate all skins with potent skin nutrients and cosmeceutical ingredients that have a history of rejuvenating skin, therefore, delivering results.

Skin Types and Skin Conditions

Just as each person is different, each skin is also different with its own skin type consisting of a natural balance of these factors:

* moisture or water content ~ determines suppleness, hydration or dehydration, and comfort
* lipid or oil content ~ for nutrition, lubrication, and softness

which gives you the 3 basic skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily. While Combination is not an actual skin type, 80% of the population does have a combination of two types. Oily T zone with normal skin on the periphery is the most prevalent.

Then there are natural factors:

* genetics ~ plays the largest role in your skin's behavior
* metabolism ~ produces a sluggish or overactive complexion and sebaceous activity
* sensitivity level ~ determines resistance and tolerance
* hormone level ~ determines hormonal breakouts or devitalized tissues and sebaceous activity
* bacteria level ~ determines presence of infection and inflammation

which gives you these skin conditions: Aging, Dehydrated, Devitalized, Sensitive, Acne, Rosacea.

External factors such as lifestyle, stress, environment, air pollution, allergies, geographical location, medications, illness, smoking, water intake, diet, exercise, sleep, traveling, mental attitude, etc. all play a part in your skin's behavior.

To boost these natural skin care products beyond traditional OTC products, we have included Anti-oxidants which are at the core of these organic products, combating not just free radicals but inflammation as well. These include Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Peptides, Olive Oil Polyphenols, Phospholipids, Seawater, Tocotrienols and Vitamin C Ester. State of the art anti-aging cosmeceuticals include Matrixyl, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen to help keep skin firm. In addition, we have hand blended Rainforest botanicals that support the skins innate ability to repair itself. All are formulated to maintain skins that are fairly well balanced with mild to moderate signs of aging.

Because everyone's skin regenerates at a different rate, allow at least two weeks
before expecting to see outward signs of improvement

Skin Care Regimens
3 levels of skin care commitment

Skin Care
Twice Daily

Thrice Weekly
cleanser, toner, moisturizer
cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer

cleanser, toner, eye serum, serum, hydrator, moisturizer

exfoliator, mask

Because the entire all natural AB Silk line is without synthetic and harmful preservatives, each product is filled with only 100% active material. There is no water added to the products, therefore to disperse the products properly, the product must be applied to toner damp skin in order to facilitate penetration and absorption. There are no artificial emulsifiers, binders, or fillers added to the products so some separation may occur and specks of natural ingredients may appear. All of this is normal in hand crafted all natural skin care and does not mean the product is any less effective. Shake product before each use.

Certified Vegan Organic Ingredients
ABCOBB Broth (proprietary botanical extract blend), AB Repair Complex (proprietary cosmeceutical blend), AB Sacred Seven (proprietary essential oils blend), AB Jelly (natural thickening system), AB Extend (natural preservative system). Our proprietary blends are exclusive to all AB Silk products.

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