Holistic Beauty

Holistic Beauty

How to Keep Your Complexion Looking Youthful

When working to transform any skin condition, including a wish to slow the aging process, or to have fewer wrinkles, I invite you to envision your skin as you wish to see it—healthy and radiating with vibrancy. And when you do, let a smile come to your face. Wrinkles, after all, are just lines of expression. And when you begin to soften those area where you hold tension, the lines begin to soften, too. Simply relaxing your expression, letting go of negativity, creates the changes we long to see.

Bring awareness to the areas of the face you are holding that tension in and begin to relax. If you find you are holding tension between the brows, soften and envision an expansion in that area. If you're someone who tends to tense across the forehead, try gently lifting your chin instead. And when you find yourself frowning, a gentle smile can lift it away.

Over the years, I've learned that simply visualizing the end results in any transition - that the change has taken effect, that you are satisfied, and that everyone involved is joyful and relaxed - works wonders. At the same time, holding onto that vision in moments of overwhelm can reduce anxiety, and where the aging process is concerned that alone can so beautifully ease the way towards our goals.


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