This is Christi and Hanna welcoming you to our store. We proudly hand blend all natural organic product, offering you a safe, healthy, and anti-aging alternative to traditional OTC products.

I, Christi, am now a fourth generation of organic botanicals, all natural product and hand blended natural skin care. And I am proud to introduce my business partner, Johanna, whom I've known since grade school and who shares my passion for chemical free living. Each product is lovingly formulated, blended, decanted, labeled, and packaged by hand with attention to quality and detail. Everything is made fresh in small batches, using all natural, vegan, and organic 'gourmet' ingredients. This ensures the highest quality product integrity. Our intention is to offer you a truly spirited, healing, soothing herbal product that will make you look and feel radiant and beautiful.

Formulas are created by an Atlanta esthetician, my mom (see below), who has been in the skin care biz since 1972. Active cosmeceuticals are used at the highest recommended percentages, delivering results.

We truly appreciate your interest and support of our little growing business from the bottom of our hearts. This skin care line is our passion and would love nothing more than to be in the skin care lab. We ask for your understanding and patience as we are doing the absolute very best that we can. Your orders are first on our minds when we wake and last on our minds as we lay down our heads. We assure you that orders are being worked on as quickly as possible and will go out in the mail just as soon as possible. Thank you very much!!!

We hope you enjoy our all natural organic product as much as we do!

Christi & Johanna

Business Hours
Saturday-Sunday - 10-7, EST
Christina and Johanna both work full time/student and fill orders on the weekends

AB Silk Business Address
Christina Kinnard & Johanna Frank
P.O. Box 100187
Palm Bay, FL 32910

Mission Statement

To reduce the chemical clutter found in skin care. Christi lost her Grandmother to
breast cancer, her Grandfather to prostate cancer, and an uncle lost a kidney
to cancer. We are all too aware of what a chemical cocktail overload may do.

Patricia Marie began her career in skincare in 1972 and added studies in skin in 1997. AB Silk Skin Care was started in 1997 for chronic skin conditions, cancer skin patients, and the outdoor lifestyle. Being a lover of blending, gardening and now lake life, she saw changes occurring in her skin due to the sun, the wind, and the strong southern climate. As an esthetician and herbalist, she had a good handle on the physiology of skin and what it needed as well as what herbs and essential oils could contribute to the needs of the skin. As she studied various cosmetic ingredients for actives that were sustainable and safe for the environment she began formulating products that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help repair skin damaged from the environment.

"Inflammation and oxidation of the skin cells are two key processes that accelerate the aging process,” says Patricia. “Herbs provide multiple and complex antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help to combat signs of aging and skin damage caused by wind, sun and other environmental factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis, especially for those who love the outdoors.”

Many of the herbs found in the AB Silk skincare line were grown in the Atlanta greenhouse operated by her Mom in the 60s. Plants grown an organic environment are free of contaminants and harmful chemicals, and ultimately, produce more active components. Herbs are extracted in a number of ways – including distillation, infusions, tinctures, and decoctions – to use in her cosmetics line. She believes that the natural beauty and life-force of the herbs and their surroundings shines through in the product and, ultimately, the end user.

Patricia is a product formulator and research and development consultant in the natural cosmetics industry. She brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and natural skincare and has created a niche for herself in formulating natural cosmetics.

Patricia is a medical assistant, esthetician and aromatherapist with experience in physiology, toxicology, microbiology, and ingredient research and cosmetic science. Patricia has also worked as a lab supervisor, facial specialist, and is an experienced aromatherapist. Her passion for skin and her love of herbs is the catalyst behind ABSilk skin care line.

Lab Address
Patricia Westervelt, CMA LE CA
P.O. Box 22
Hartwell, GA 30643

Business Email
Please feel free to email us at anytime with questions, suggestions, or concerns.

We prefer to be contacted by email as this allows us to concentrate fully on your order. The "You've Got Mail" chime rings constantly with emails answered ASAP. If you would like to send an email, please feel to do so. Just know that if you have not heard from us, we are swamped with orders and working hard to get them out.

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