Signature Luminess Elixir

Signature Luminess Elixir
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Our Flagship Luminess Elixir is a high performance toner and hydrator, skin tightening, pore reducing, tissue hydrating gel with 2% Oxygen. Luminess Elixir is skin food, a powerful dermal rejuvenating treatment liquid that addresses all issues that an aging skin is experiencing. Witch Hazel offers isolate components that exponentially boost this product's antioxidant qualities, while offering calming effects. Powerful anti-oxidants, glycation inhibitors, exotic botanicals, rejuvenating epidermal growth factors and essential vitamins and minerals combine in a synergistic formula aimed to counteract the thinning of skin due to aging and environmental factors. State-of-the art science boosts the gel for optimum results. The proteins help this unique hydrator to jump-start your skin's rejuvenation process and super-charge its ability to de-age itself.

The #1 skin condition is DEHYDRATION. A silky, soothing and cooling organic hydrating gel that glides on with a protecting breathable layer to add crucial hydration while helping control sebum production. Hydration is especially needed in acne skins so pore plugs do not become dehydrated and impacted. If pore debris become dry, pore plugs harden and become impacted, are very stubborn to release, creating blackheads. If the skin becomes dry, then there is no proper cell function, meaning the natural exfoliation process slows and metabolism slows. The sebaceous or oil glands become clogged with even more dead skin cells and sebum. When tissues become dry, the sebaceous glands produce even more sebum, trying to seal in any hydration that is available. For the skin's innate repair process to function normally, the skin must be kept hydrated at all times.

Thanks to its stabilized oxygen content, when Luminess Elixir comes into contact with the skin, it releases 2 molecules of water for each molecule of oxygen. Then the Hyaluronic Acid combines with this large volume of released water and fills the intercellular spaces, thus ensuring wrinkle-free skin. Not only that, thanks to the Luminess Elixir formula, the Vitamin A is acidified by the oxygen beneath the skin, thus providing the raw material essential for the natural formation of collagen. Hyaluronic Acid and collagen are vital for maintaining the structure of the skin layers. Collagen ensures that the skin remains firm, while the Hyaluronic Acid nourishes and moisturizes the collagen. The combination is a remarkably effective weapon against advancing age and the formation of wrinkles.

The Luminess Elixir is an age management liquid that is "stronger than gravity." The Luminess Elixir lifts, firms, tones and hydrates like a light beauty mask without being noticeable or uncomfortable. When used daily, the effect is stronger than the aging effects of gravity and people look younger as they get older. It also gives immediate results and a beautiful healthy glow. Skin feels smoother, softer and tighter without any unpleasant residue or odor. The Luminess Elixir Hydrator formula is 7 times stronger than OTC toners. Used in combination with the Extreme Serum Creme, it's like a turbo beauty boost. It hydrates the skin and allows the ingredients to penetrate, giving you more potent and longer lasting benefits. Excellent as the toner to use when traveling. Great as a mask activator too. Pat it on after cleansing and watch the clock turn back.

* Stabilized liquid phase oxygen is transformed into active oxygen gas upon contact with human hair or skin. The result is a massive increase in volume, with oxygen gas rushing into the tissues taking with it the vital vitamins A & E, glucose and water. Oxygen is natures most effective and natural antiseptic. It kills bacteria. A spot can live for weeks inside the warm, low oxygenated tissues of the skin, when it erupts onto the surface; the oxygen in the air dries it up and kills it. By putting oxygen into the skin, you stop blemishes before they get a chance to form. It is for this reason we have wonderful results on acne. Lets the skin breath, and increases circulation.
* Pure Botanicals and Seawater restore collagen, protect against pollution, damaging UV rays, and increase blood circulation
* Vital Anti-oxidant Enzymes inhibit free radical formation and detoxify the skin
* A synergistic blend of protective and energizing Phytochemical Botanicals include Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, and Chlorella to protect collagen, reduce inflammation and discourage the visible signs of aging
* Regenerative Epidermal Growth Factors repair thinning, aging skin while boosting collagen and elastin production
* A powerful Moisture Complex with Hyaluronic Acid and Heavy Water assures the skin of long-lasting hydration
* Patented Glycosaminoglycans reduce moisture loss, stop the breakdown of collagen, strengthen and firm the skin
* Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice is derived from sweet sorghum and hit the mainstream skin tightening market as Dynalift

Only the highest quality natural ingredients are hand blended in small fresh batches into a synergistic formula for maximum efficacy without irritation. Skin is softened and revived with organic botanicals and sea salt while proper skin cell function is stimulated. Skin must be kept hydrated in order to keep a healthy level of 'skin water' present. This is the secret of the Hollywood makeup artists that create gorgeous looks for actors. Our gel is the real thing, not diluted with water, which is usually the first ingredient. It is the perfect compliment to your freshly cleansed skin ~ get the Glow! Restores skins natural moisture barrier functions. Because of its numerous benefits, misting this blend is like giving your skin a long cool drink from the 'Fountain of Youth'. May be patted onto skin before, over makeup, or anytime your skin needs a little hydrating boost. A must while traveling. Our ageless secret is made with the best ingredients:

* Organic Aloe Vera - deep skin healer and hydrator is absorbed 4 times faster than water and contains glyconutrients
* Oxygen - The cells in our skin need oxygen in order to survive and reproduce or regenerate. As we get older, the level of oxygen in the skin diminishes; by introducing Oxygen products, you increase cell metabolism (fuel to the cells), thereby, increasing the production of new healthy cells. As a result of this the skin looks healthier and the cells reproduce at a faster, more normal rate. By administering oxygen to the cells of the skin, there is a greater permeability of toxic material (carbon dioxide) out of the skin cells.
* MSM - a bio sulfur that improves cell flexibility
* Trace Minerals - including gold
* Niacin - increases circulation
* Cayenne Pepper - increases circulation
* Helichrysum - also known as Immortelle because of anecdotal reports of anti-aging
* Golden Seal - legendary Chinese herb used for centuries to help beat the aging clock

Take time for you, enjoy your skin care ritual and caress the skin you're in:

AM: SHAKE WELL. Wash face and neck and rinse with warm water, pat skin dry. Close eyes and pat face and neck with 4-6 drops of the Hydrator and gently press into skin with fingertips to spread evenly and help skin absorb with a mild acupressure massage. Do not rub. Optional: Luminess Hydrator is heat activated - wave a hair dryer (medium heat) over your face and neck for twenty seconds, not too close. The use of heat is optional, while heat activates the product and allows you to see and feel results faster, you will see results without it.

AM (Optional): SHAKE again and repeat 4-6 drops for firmer results. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth with a beautiful youthful glow. This step is a good beauty flash just before a special occasion.

Wait 5 minutes and apply moisturizer and make-up if not using the hair dryer to set toning elixir gel.

DAILY: A couple of times throughout the day, SHAKE WELL and pat face and neck with Elixir right over your make-up, take a few seconds to instantly refresh your look with no mess.

PM: SHAKE WELL. After you remove your make-up, wash face and neck and rinse with warm water, pat skin dry. Close eyes and pat face and neck with 4-6 drops using the same patting-massage technique as in the morning. Do not rub.

Wait 5 minutes and apply moisturizer if not using the hair dryer to set toning elixir.

Organic Aloe Vera, Sea Water, DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, Heavy Water, MSM, Niacin, Helichrysum, Oxygen, D2O, Dynalift, Ceramides, Sea Buckthorn oil, Moringa oil, Golden Seal, Glair, Cayenne Pepper, Gotu Kola, Butcher's Broom, Strontium, EGF, Stem Cells, Jojoba Oil, Leucidal.

The Science Tap/hard water leaves mineral deposits, this can cause skin to feel tight, dry, and flaky, disturbing the acid mantle. This often causes people to believe their skin is drier than it really is. Sometimes, clients even over-moisturize, which can cause skin congestion and even sagging. Toners remove this mineral residue and prepare the skin for the right protective treatments.

Our Toner-Hydrator can also be used as a cell activator before masking or as the mask activator itself. An effective anti-wrinkle solution that can be used on its own as an eye and face treatment or in conjunction with other products. The silver and sea salt gel helps the body to get rid of toxins and by- products of metabolism via the lymph system, which is valuable in the elimination of trapped fluids around puffy eyes. Excellent when used mid-day as a pick-me up for dehydrated skin. Studies performed with hexapeptides show wrinkle reduction up to 27% after 30 days of treatment. Studies performed with pentapeptides show reduction of deep wrinkles by as much as 68% after six months. Synergistic effects are expected.

Mature skin suffers from essential nutrient deficiencies (minerals, vitamins, amino acids). This causes skin slackening, skin thinning, dull complexion, irregular skin surface, dehydration, and age spots. For these reasons, AB Silk has formulated the Luminess Elixir to target the decollete area with specific ingredients to help to fortify and restructure thin and fragile skin on the neck and upper chest area. These ingredients, known as Age Perfect Escences, is a complementary source of calcium and essential amino acids. It is specifically designed to boost cell metabolism and protein synthesis, rebalance ion flow, and recreate calcium gradient in order to regulate the barrier homeostasis and the epidermal differentiation.

Enriched with vitamin B5, known to help with tissue repair, our hydrating gel replenishes nutrients the skin needs to feel smooth and appear younger. Moisture-enhancing hyaluronic acid, the body's natural hydrator, binds moisture to the skin. D Hydrator is recommended for use with our Super Vitamin C Powder and will help maximize the benefits of your daily moisturizer.

Deep hydration is essential to achieving a "flawless airbrushed" look, especially with mineral makeup. Our rich yet light and pure gel is a natural emollient, revitalizing and skin smoothing, a gel hydrator in our natural skin care arsenal to slow the signs of dry aging skin. Jojoba Oil is one of Nature's best skin healers. A perfect skin-prep or foundation primer for Mineral Makeup wearers.

* for dry dehydrated skin types
* aloe vera heals, absorbs 4 times faster than water
* hydrosols balance and condition skin, add hydration
* charged botanicals offer deep conditioning, balance oil content


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