All Natural Organic Sheer Silk Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

natural organic sheer silk mineral makeup
A Kiss of Silk™

AB Silk's natural organic mineral makeup Sheer Silk Minerals™ and Sheer Silk™ Cosmetics is the educated consumer’s choice for the best 100% pure mineral makeup in loose powder form. This new "light as air" mineral technology contains pure minerals and Silk, giving skin a soft kiss of silk™ for a flawless sheer complexion with a dewy healthy glow... this is the AB Silk edge! Silk powder benefits your skin with 18 amino acids and is a natural moisture balancing product. Silk can absorb or release moisture as temperature or humidity changes. Silk also absorbs excess oil, thus is great for acne skins. Mineral Makeup is the newest, healthiest, most exciting way to create a sheer glowing complexion, hide all imperfections, and create a soft even veil of color. A great makeup for oily skins and even better for acneic skins. And our Sheer Silk Minerals™ Mineral Makeup is the purest of the pure... for pure and sheer silky skin! Excellent for clogged pores, make up for acne, organic acne treatment, organic mineral makeup, and adult acne. Absolutely no fillers or synthetics!

If this is your first visit to AB Silk, welcome! Please be sure to try our mineral samples first to make sure the color you've chosen is the right one for your skin tone.

Sheer Silk Mineral Powder Foundation
Regularly $24.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $15.60
Sheer Silk Mineral Liquid Foundation
Regularly $20.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $13.00
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Sheer Silk Mineral Colors
Regularly $12.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $7.80
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Sheer Silk Powder Primer
Regularly $12.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $7.80
Sheer Silk Mineral Liquid Concealer
Regularly $14.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $9.10
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Sheer Silk Hydrating Mist
Regularly $24.00
Summer into Fall Sale! $15.60

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