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New! Sea Rose Glass Skin
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Since a teen/young woman, I had always used the latest cosmeceuticals, anti-aging, progressive skin care lines. But now with 70 right around the corner, my skin is not happy and I feel differently about my skin care regimen. With an aging skin comes thinner skin, less hormones, and a more susceptible skin.

I tried the boom of Korean skin care and this gentle, laying skin care regimen is superb for a mature skin. Given time, the results are definitely noticeable.

Let the lines and wrinkles come - a bit of sagging too, even a faint dark spot shows fun in the sun - these show a life that is blessed with 'the good, the bad and the ugly'. It's the glow and fine pored texture with good color that I want back. This new line is much more beneficial for my older skin than all the harsh lab ingredients and synthetic peptides in the world. 'Tricia


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