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Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. In order to facilitate risk-free online shopping for our valued customers, we proudly offer individual samples which enable you to try various products with a minimal investment. Be sure with 'try me' sizes - your Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity prior to purchasing retail sizes to assure the products are the right ones for you.

Whenever trying a new skin care product, we tend to use all of the products at once. This is not a very good idea. Always test your products out one at a time for a few applications to make sure you are not having an allergic skin reaction to one of them. If you use them all at once and have a reaction, you won't know which one caused it. The best way to test your products out is to use on the inside of your arm and behind your ears.

Each trial/travel size product is hand filled and may not be full because it is in direct proportion to its full size counterpart. The samples last from 2 to 5 applications, depending on individual usage and particular product. This offers you the rare opportunity to see, feel, smell and apply the product before investing in full sizes. The benefits of testing a trial size to make sure you are happy and:

* no allergic reaction
* you enjoy the essential aroma
* the feel on your skin is enjoyable
* the viscosity is what you expected

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