Seacrets Serum

Seacrets Serum
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Treatment Serums or Serum Actives are the strongest product and the crux of any skin care line - used to spot treat or area treat skin for correction of skin conditions. Potent are blended for targeted skin correction. The formulas are very concentrated which is reflected in the size and cost of the product and must be used sparingly. Serums last about two months depending on use. Serums are compatible with one another and with other brands. Serums may be used in any combination, at anytime, in any order.

Serums are formulated to promote skin cell turnover, reinforce the skin's natural defense barrier, and regulate the skin's metabolism while removing toxins and waste. Feeding skin powerful vitamins and skin nutrients will help restore skin from sun, free radical, environmental damages, and protect the hydro-lipidic film to create a comfortable luminescent complexion. Designed as spot treatment for eyes, expression lines, or blemishes. Also designed as area treatment for larger areas to help control and heal the natural aging process, widespread oily T zone, tissue congestion, loss of elasticity with a sagging appearance, or sun damage with age spots and discoloration. Light frequent applications will more quickly correct a severe condition. Serums are not moisturizers. Follow with a hydrator to add water hydration then a moisturizer to seal in that hydration.

Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen, Plankton, Matrixyl 3000, Jojoba Oil, Seamollient, Honey, Vitamins FACEB3B5K, AB Natural Preservative System of Black Willowbark, Essential Oils, Neem, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary, Vitamin E.


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