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Skin Care


So often these days when someone asks for my number one skin tip, I talk about simplicity. While working as a holistic practitioner over the past many years, it has been incredible to witness—and to participate in—the rising consciousness around skincare, which, of course, also goes a lot deeper than that, revealing the beauty of wellness and balance. We’re all so well informed, up on the latest trends and game to try out new ingredients and techniques. And I love how empowering that can be. The flip-side, however, is that too often our skin can become over-fatigued, overworked by a daily routine that might involve too many products, and put too many demands on the skin. What looks like self-care, when it goes too far, can become an overload. After all, sometimes this super-sensitive organ just needs a little downtime to breathe. While that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to protect and nourish the skin, January is a great time to simplify, to plan a pause, and to resist the urge to overdo it.

If you’re ready to make a move towards simplicity in your skincare routine, I usually recommend starting off by clearing out some of the products you may not need. Their ingredients lists will lead the way. While reading the fine print if you come across something that you might not want inside your body, you could put that bottle or jar aside for a month, or six weeks, and see how your skin reacts, or you might find a plant-based, holistic alternative - especially a formula that can multi-task. So often, the formulas made with simplicity and purity are also the most beneficial, and the most versatile as well. (One formula that I love for its ability to nurture winter skin - and for its versatility - is a recovery creme. This precious blend of plant medicines, made with Helichrysum and Iris Root, packs in the benefits of a protective serum, a penetrating oil and the nourishing rehydration of an opulent moisturizer.)

Naturally, this clearing, simplifying energy can also flow into other areas of your lifestyle, serving your emotional and spiritual wellness by helping you center in on what’s important, while leaving the rest behind. In the treatment room, I’ve noticed that so many of us are a little worn down by life’s persistent demands. This month is a great time to opt for simplicity in every which way - breathe deeply, drink water, eat raw, and go to bed early. What a great way to start the New Year, slowing down and simplifying with love for the everyday. I’ll join you!


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