Super C Powder

Super C Powder
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Protect Skin to Look Younger! There are many forms of Vitamin C, but L-Ascorbic Acid has scientific studies proving it helps your skin look younger by:
- increasing collagen production
- preventing free radical damage
- reducing hyperpigmentation
- strengthening capillary walls
- decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- accelerating wound healing

L-ascorbic acid tends to break down rapidly, which makes it difficult to include in cosmetic formulas. We solved that problem by providing L-ascorbic acid in an isolated, crystal form. Vitamin C Crystals are the freshest and most stable L-ascorbic acid available.

Super Vitamin C powder in its most potent and stable form. Super C Powder offers pure and stable vitamin c crystals for sun damaged skins. Rejuvenate the skin for better collagen production.

To activate the Super Vitamin C Powder, you must use an Activator. Any of our Toners may be used. Once activated, powders should last 2 months if kept out of sunlight.

*Mix in the palm of your hand with serum or moisturizer
*Add toner directly to crystals and make your own fresh C Serum

Vitamin C Crystals


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